Halloween and Pets

A big shout out to everyone on Halloween night
I am one of those crazy people that loves Halloween and decorates my yard up for everyone to enjoy.
However I do have to let you know that this is a tough time for our furry little friends. So we are asking you to make this a fun and safe night for all.
Everyone likes to go out and buy the most adorable costume for your pet, but keep in mind the sizing and that there is nothing that your pet may pull off and chew on and swallow. Use the two finger rule to check that the costume is the right size ,make sure it is not to tight or too loose. But most of all please make sure that your pet has the proper identification (ID tags, Microchip, or tattoo) just in case your pet becomes scared or spooked.
So when taking your pets out with your children on Halloween night, we caution you that as your pets may love children, many costumes or props can spook your dog without any notice.
Please keep Candy, chocolate, sucker, corn stalks, gums(xylitol), wrappers, pumpkins, and glow sticks, away from your pets, to prevent toxicity, blockage, and GI upset.
For those who have pets at home, while the door bells and trick or treaters come, please keep them in a location that is quiet where they are not able to dart out the front door.
Caution with pets that are outside, Pranksters are out and about and can be harmful to your pet. Things thrown over the fence or fire crackers being set off.
We send out a extra WARNING for those owner that have BLACK CATS, Please keep them indoors for the week of Halloween, just to keep them safe.
If any concerns come up, please contact the nearest veterinary clinic or emergency clinic in Calgary
Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and I hope to see you at my house in Prairie Springs