5 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet

Learn how to celebrate your pet for being an amazing furry-friend!

  1. Bake delicious homemade treats for your furry family member. Everyone enjoys cookies made from the heart, especially when they taste this good!
  2. Give your indoor cat a breath of fresh air by building a safe cat patio (catio), or take your cat for a stroll around the neighbourhood on a harness! Learn more about a catio here.
  3. Celebrate your pet all weekend long at a pet-friendly festival. Make them feel extra special by taking them to an event dedicated to them! Find a festival here.
  4. Just like you and I, your pet always appreciates looking their best. When you look good, you feel great! Spoil your fur baby with a trip to the spa for some pampering. Find an animal spa here or here.
  5. Show your pet that they are a part of the family by celebrating their birthday every year with a pet-friendly cake and be sure to snap some photos! Include your four-legged friend in every family celebration! Learn how to throw a pet-friendly birthday party here.

Written by Chelsea Blyth, VA