Got Cat Allergies? Try The Donskoy!

Have you always wanted a cat, but allergies get in your way? Then a Donskoy (also known as Don Sphynx) may be a cat for you. However, they do not look or feel like a typical cat.

There are 4 types of this breed to choose from:

  • Rubber Bald – Born Bald, Stay Bald, similar to human skin
  • Flocked – Born with some fur but may become bald
  • Velour – Born with hair but has many bald spots
  • Brush – Has patches of hair that are either very soft or wirey

All types come in many colours, weighing between 6- 12 lbs. A dominate hairless gene only has to be carried by one parent to produce a hairless kitten.

Taking care of a hairless is a little different than a regular cat. Without hair, the oils cannot be absorbed which causes a builds up. A wipe down or a bath becomes a daily to a weekly event. The big ears and the human looking webbed toes also need to be cleaned to remove the wax and oil.

Donskoys also need to eat in small amounts many times during the day, to keep their temperature regulated. Don’t laugh but they need those cute little sweaters and fuzzy blankets to keep their body warm to the touch. With this breed, you also have to watch their exposure to the sun. Specific sunscreen can be used to prevent sunburnt skin.

Donskoys are very friendly, intelligent, loyal pets. They do not like to be left alone; they find comfort in knowing there are people and other pets around. It is also known that they rarely bite or scratch humans.

This breed sheds little to no hair or dander which helps people with allergies. However, some people are allergic to saliva. Always spend a little time with one before you make a purchase, as Donskoys are very costly. So research is always suggested, and watch for the backyard breeder.

If you are a cat person, it will take some time to get used to the look and feel of a hairless. They have human-like skin with many wrinkles and a tail that looks like a rats tail. They love rubbing their faces on rough objects, as well as facial hair, especially beards. I find that they love to show you their back end and their long skinny tail. Their feet are different as well; they like to walk on you with their little feet and they feel like cold daggers digging into your skin.

The other great thing about having a hairless is that you don’t have any of the hairballs hanging around the house, or on your clothing. Lint rollers are now a thing of the past!

Nothing could change my mind on getting this rare Russian cat, and she has changed the way we think about cats. She always has to be with us and constantly talking. The cuddles are great, and I love showing her off to anyone that has never seen one.

Written by Martina Bailey, CCS