Practice Manager

It’s such an amazing team here at our clinic (I was a very happy client before I became a happy employee!) You may have seen me at the front desk as a Customer Care Specialist for the last few years, but I have since transitioned to the Practice Manager position. You will still see me around the clinic, though, as I cannot resist seeing all of our furry patients and giving them some love!

When I am not at the clinic, I am busy trying to keep up after our zoo of three dogs Birk, Brinley and Beaker, who I am convinced believe we are simply here to live in their world and serve them, and our two rabbits Pip and Joey who, thankfully are content to munch on hay and receive cheek rubs.

On the weekends, our time is spent as a family dirt biking, golfing, hiking and trying to set aside some time to relax and quiet down with a good book or movie, which, naturally, the rabbits love but the dogs forbid. Oh, the life!