Registered Veterinary Technician

Hey! My name is Aly Calvin. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician here at AAHC. I graduated from Olds College in June of 2023 from the Animal Health Technology program and have been working at AAHC alongside the best colleagues I could ask for since. I love that every day I come into work I am always learning something new and I am excited to grow more and more in the veterinary profession. 

I cannot say that I always knew what professional field I wanted to enter in highschool. If you had asked me where I wanted to go in Grade 9 I would have laughed and shrugged. By the end of highschool, we often went on field trips to different colleges and I found an instant connection to animals and their two-legged partners at Olds College. My passion for animals has only grown since and has become larger and larger as well.

I love hearing about the cute and funny things that our patients get up to at home when chatting about how great our furry friends do after their tech appointments.

My passions range from furry cats to scaly reptiles and I love the depth and importance behind veterinary nutrition. Though I still have so much content to dive into, I cannot wait to be as knowledgeable as my mentors at the clinic. As well, I currently have two four-legged best friends. My black and fluffy cat, Nakia and my grumpy leopard gecko, Lady. Outside of the clinic and work I enjoy listening to music, reading, writing and playing some of my favourite video games.