The skin is the largest organ your dog has and likewise can be a major source of concern. A multitude of skin issues, including allergies, autoimmune diseases, hot spots and ear infections are commonly seen. The causes for skin health issues can range from bacterial infections, parasites to hormonal diseases as well as food and environmental hypersensitivities. Our team of experienced veterinarians can help distinguish what the possible causes of your dog’s skin disease and provide a treatment plan to make your pet comfortable again.

Pets bothered by itchy skin have become a common sight at our location. Unfortunately, we see many itchy dogs and cats come in that are susceptible to allergies, autoimmune diseases, hot spots, nutritional imbalances, ear infections and more; the result of which is a lot of scratching and biting. If your pet isn’t comfortable, chances are, neither are you.

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What are the symptoms suggesting my dog has a skin issue?

Skin irritation and diseases can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Accordingly, many obvious symptoms may be presented. Scratching, general irritation, red skin, crusty skin, hot spots and pain can indicate that your pet may be suffering from a skin issue. In dogs with ear infections, shaking of the head can also be a common symptom. If you are concerned about your pet suffering from a skin disease, our veterinarians are here to help you discern what may be causing it.