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Overweight Help

As in humans, your cat should stay within a healthy weight range to help prevent the development of certain diseases. If they are overweight it can predispose them to a greater risk of several very serious health complications including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Conversely, some medical conditions can cause your cat to gain weight. With each physical exam, our doctors will assess the weight of your cat to ensure it is within a healthy range. With you, we can work to maintain a healthy weight for them to ensure they live a disease-free life.


How do I know if my cat overweight?

At the Airdrie Animal Health Centre, our veterinary professionals can help you assess whether your cat is within a healthy range. We can examine the body condition score of your cat, compared to its size and weight, and help make recommendations on how to achieve an ideal weight for your cat. Our clinic also offers a variety of different veterinary exclusive diet options that can help your beloved animal achieve the desired weight.

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