Ear Mites in Cats

Are you watching your cat scratching or shaking her ears? Does it seem sore or maybe have a foul smell or seem sensitive? Then it’s time to visit your friendly veterinary team to have them checked out. There is a good chance that they may have ear mites (which are commonly mistaken for dirty ears) or an ear infection.

These nasty mites cause a dark black discharge which can only be seen by preparing an ear swab and checking under the microscope. These parasites feed off of the skin oils and wax in your pet’s ear canal and build up to look like dirt in the ear. This parasite is not life-threatening but can cause ruptured blood vessels by excessive scratching and shaking, which could mean surgery if left to long.

Once diagnosed by your veterinary, thorough cleaning and medication will be given, as well as to all other pets in your household (rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, and the rare dog) if they are in close contact. Once treatment has been given relief should start quickly.

Cleaning your pet’s environment now begins. Do a quick vacuum in the area where the pets hang out and wash bedding if possible. Rechecks are always recommended to see how the healing is going.

Written by: Martina Bailey, Customer Care Specialist