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Dog X-ray

The Airdrie Animal Health Centre is fully equipped with a complete digital radiograph suit. Using this diagnostic tool, our staff of veterinary professionals are able to help diagnose issues with internal body tissues that may not be evident from a physical exam. From bone structures to searching for foreign bodies, X-rays are a multi-use tool that can help us make the most informed decision for your pet’s health care and treatment.

How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

At the Airdrie Animal Health Centre, x-rays are used to provide a variety of diagnostic services. Radiographs can be used to examine bones for damage or malformation, track movement through the gastrointestinal tract, search for foreign bodies and more. Our trained veterinary professionals can help you decide if a radiograph is the right diagnostic tool for your pet.

Over the last four and a half years, we’ve seen pretty much every vet at the clinic at least once…

Eva Gonzalez

5 stars is not a high enough rating. My dog can be fearful of strangers and she enjoys coming here…

Teana Lindsay

Every single time I go here (with or without an appointment) I and both my doggos are greeted in a…

Melita Kunst

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Robyn Weatherly


We Are a Certified Fear Free Practice!

Your pet deserves a Fear Free Practice: Airdrie Animal Health Centre is the 13th certified Fear Free Practice in North America.

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