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Cat Euthanasia

There is never an easy way of approaching the end of your loved one’s life. At the Airdrie Animal Health Centre, we are here to provide a supportive environment in which your cat can pass gracefully during this sensitive time. We strive to make your last moments with them a comfortable experience. For those that wish to have a reminder of their cat, our clinic offers a variety of elective cremation and memorial options customizable to your beloved cat.

When should I consider pet euthanasia?

Knowing when it is the right time is never an easy thing to pinpoint. Our veterinarians can help guide you through this difficult decision by assessing the quality of life of your animal. Our doctors can help outline the treatment options available to your cat to make sure they are comfortable and help advise you on when the right time for you might be to let your cat pass without having to suffer.

Over the last four and a half years, we’ve seen pretty much every vet at the clinic at least once…

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Teana Lindsay

Every single time I go here (with or without an appointment) I and both my doggos are greeted in a…

Melita Kunst

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We Are a Certified Fear Free Practice!

Your pet deserves a Fear Free Practice: Airdrie Animal Health Centre is the 13th certified Fear Free Practice in North America.

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