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Dr. Kim Crisanti


Dr. Kim is an extremely passionate member of our staff of veterinarians. She was inspired to enter the profession because she wanted to be able to help animals who are unable to speak for themselves. Her career as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine commenced after graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Internal medicine, dermatology, gastroenterology and pain management are particularly interesting aspects of the field to her. Dr. Kim also has a special place in her heart for geriatric patients. Her relentless commitment to her patients is self-evident, but worthwhile as she finds great satisfaction in the improvements in health that she can help achieve. Kim values the interpersonal bonds she builds with clients as she helps bring their beloved animals back to health.

Kim was recently showcased by AirdrieLife magazine as one of their amazing women in the city. Recreationally, she enjoys cooking (with dietary restrictions), yoga, cycling and spending time with her family and dogs. She and her husband, our own Dr. Dave Seefeldt, share their home with the real kings of their domain, their Labrador Retrievers. Jacky Brown also known as Jack is a goofy chocolate lab with a friendly disposition easily adored by all. Sawyer is his own type of special, who has already had two cruciate ligament ruptures and hip dysplasia before the age of 5. Kim references Sawyer as a driving force for her passion for understanding and helping patients with pain management.

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Robyn Weatherly


We Are a Certified Fear Free Practice!

Your pet deserves a Fear Free Practice: Airdrie Animal Health Centre is the 13th certified Fear Free Practice in North America.

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